March 6th, 2013
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I don’t know about you, but I often try to encourage intruders and theft.  That’s why I like to leave the door to my apartment open when I’m home.  Oh, you thought I was serious?  C’mon bro!  I deadbolt my door shut at all times and even have metal bars on my windows…and that’s just the precautions I take when I’m home.  Imagine what I do when I have to venture out into the mean streets of Gotham:  I go all incognito and have to carry my tablet in a sleeve disguised as an old, beat-up envelope.  Insane, I know!  Can’t a guy just live in peace and not have to worry about getting roughed up by some subway delinquents when all I want to do is play Temple Run?  Get your Undercover Tablet Sleeve HERE.

-Christian Lavery

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