February 21st, 2012
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The Weekly Feed’s Kyle Meredith shares his top five songs of the week.

La Sera - “Break My Heart”

Katy Goodman kicked off 2012 in a big way with Sees the Light’s (3/24, Hardly Art) debut single “Please Be My Third Eye” sitting atop the pile as the year’s fist buzz song.  That same indie grit returns in “Break My Heart” furthering the marriage of Riot Grrrl and Retro-Daze.  She’s one in a crowded party, but with that amp turned to 11, there shouldn’t be any problem blasting through.  

That Ghost - “Morning Now”

I’m not sure what to think about an artist who’s first work I get familiar with just happens to be their “rareities” CD.  Such is the case with That Ghost, who’s new EP features a smattering of unheard demos and such.  I’ve apparently missed something, because “Morning Now” caught enough steam to land in the top five most blogged for the week, a slow haunt itself that is impressive in its completeness.  I mean, if the demos sound this full, high time to dive into the finished cuts.  

Laura Marling - “My Winding Wheel”

There is a great affair going on between England’s Marling and Ryan Adams, whom she covers here.  The story goes back to last year when Adams scrapped a mostly written LP after hearing Laura Marling’s sophomore disc, announcing that ‘someone is taking this songwriting thing pretty seriously, so I probably should, too.’  He recorded Ashes & Fire with her music in mind leading up to a pairing/duet when Adams stopped into Live from Abbey Road with the two crooning “Oh My Sweet Carolina”.  Marling has now taken it a step further during a show in Melbourne, giving her own rendition of this Heartbreaker classic.  

Heike Has the Giggles - “Breakfast”

February’s Music Alliance Pact has found a clear winner in this band with the entertaining name.  Giggles were championed by Italy’s Polaroid blog citing their pop-punk to punk-funk sounds as the perfect reason to let go and have some fun with Crowd Surfing, the group’s 2nd disc.  

Big Time Video: Bon Iver - At AIR Studios

To say that Justin Vernon has had an interesting year would be an understatement, but where most artists would be winding down their campaign nearing a year after a release, Bon Iver continue to cut into the headlines week after week.  First it was Vernon’s Rolling Stone remarks, then the Grammy slam, then his arrival to that same awards show, walking away a pretty big award, an SNL performance and a parody of the performance not more than a week later.  Sure, there is plenty of fodder, but when it comes down to it, the guy has some spectacular musical chops, captured in video here whilst the wintery band stopped into the their record label’s studio.  A cool half hour showcasing why so many people care.  Just go ahead and make this your lunch break.  

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